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You know you’re loved when… June 1, 2010

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C’mon guys this one’s interactive! I know I have readers… My blogs stats tell me, I’m not sure exactly how many but it looks like around 20-30. So hopefully I can get more than a few of you to answer to this one.

One of my favorite sayings is “actions speak louder than words” I know the boyf loves me and there’s a million things he does everyday as well as using the words which further emphasizes this fact.

Just to name a few that occured this weekend:

Attended a country concert (Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum)

Took my dog to Fort Funston and endured a multiple hour visit with my parents

Made me my favorite honey/lemon tea combination even though he didn’t feel good because I insist is tastes better when he does it.

Heated up my “warm things” (lavender heating pad he surprised me with from the Farmer’s Market)

Slept on the couch cause he was snoring so loud I couldn’t sleep

Fixed me coffee for me and left it on the counter after we cleaned the tortoise enclosure

When I told him I was going shopping happily assumed I would spend a certain amount of money and told me to go ahead and do it!

Held my tea cup without complaint when I decided to use him as my very own personal coaster cause I was too lazy to lean forward

When I said my tummicle hurted not only understood what that meant reached out and rubbed it

Sooo my question is… How do you know when your loved? What actions does that certain someone do that lets you know it without saying a word? Now don’t embarrass me! I better get some responses!


2 Responses to “You know you’re loved when…”

  1. californiakid302 Says:

    When they “linger” ya know even if they are outta sight, they are still on your mind.

  2. shannageezy Says:

    Thanks for replying!

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