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“Happiness is the soundtrack of my life.” June 15, 2010

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So last week I was struggling with my inner Preach-a-saurus… This week I’ve perked up and started running again. With the loving help of the boyf I ran 3 times last week and once today! YAY ME! I feel so much more like myself. It’s definitely the endorphins or it could be  I’m super excited to go support the boyf at his convention! He is one of the top 25% doing what he does! Which is much more than being my best friend and cuddle bug. We get to go the the Happiest Place on Earth! And hopefully enjoy some warmer weather. In preparation I…  Errr he “bought” me a new swim suit and flip flops… 

There’s nothing more exciting than vacation. We’re going to L.A and the trip also coincides with his birthday. He’s so lucky, I “bought” him an ipad which he’s already  obsessed with even though it isn’t even his birthday yet.   Things are definitely lookin’ up. Now if only I won the lottery and could call in millionaired. I could finance a shopping spree at Anthropologie and buy the boyf his Ducati.


One Response to ““Happiness is the soundtrack of my life.””

  1. The boyf Says:

    Well I heard Ducati…lotto tickets here we come. And I’m excited too

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