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My Fellow Giants Fans. October 31, 2010

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I remember when I was a little  girl my Uncle Bruce was obsessed with the Giants. He used to take my brother and I to games with our little mitts and we would try to catch foul balls. That was when Jose was the Uribe we were chanting for. I remember the 1989 World Series and the earthquake that all the adults around me were really concerned about. I vividly remember in 2002 being in college and being supremely annoyed that a team from Southern California beat us. Norcal forever! But this year now that the boyf has made me a hardcore spots fan I’m fascinated, and a little inspired that in the midst of all the crap that goes on around us it seems like or little part of the world is unified around this little group of castoffs and misfits that to me seem to be making a little bit of magic. I sincerely hope they win but even if they don’t we should not forget how they made us all friends and fellow fans for these briefs weeks in the fall. There’s lots of people who claim to be original giants fans who slam band wagoners for jumping on the train after we started performing in the post-season… A fan is a fan were all hoping for the same outcome .

Josh and I were lucky enough to attend Game 1 of the NLDS. It was an awesome experience but I have to say sitting in my living room with a group of friends, laughing, screaming, and cheering for at at those boys has been my favorite part of the fall. It’s something I’ll miss when we have a new group of World Series Champions. Here’s a look at my collection of T-shirts celebrating the Giants! Happy Halloween everyone!


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