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Just another confused little American girl… Rambling my way through the thoughts and the days.

2011 February 28, 2011

Filed under: Friends,Health,Love,Uncategorized — shannageezyro @ 7:49 pm

I’m not sure what to think about this year so far… It started splendidly with a lovely mustache themed 29th birthday.

Then we had the pleasure of making Havana Romanbowubbleard the newest member of our family. He really is a great fit for us. He goes on adventures with Poppa in the Tahoe and loves to cuddle up and keep Momma warm at night.  Josh who admits never actually wanted a dog absolutely loves the “Havanimal”.

Somewhere in mid-January 2011 started taking a turn for the worse. I’ve been sick for allll of February. And while nothing awful has happened to me personally friends and neighbors have had awful and tragic events occur. It makes me grateful for my life and health but at the same time I keep thinking that it has to get better than this. It just can’t keep going this way.



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